Lesson 5: Ma Ta Pa Speena


Today’s lesson is that old classic “Ma Ta Pa Speena Khula Khandal Makawa”. The oldest video that I could find is one that features Javed Akhtar and Mashooq Sultan, its probably from the 60s. An Urdu version was sung by Ali Haider; titled Zalim Nazroon Say Tum Na Mujh Ko Dekho, which became a mega hit in the late 90s. As students at Quaid I Azam University in those days, my friends and I used to regularly do Attan on “Zalim Nazroon Say“. There also is a fusion version on rabab, that is done by Homayun Ustaad.

Anyway for this lesson, we are uploading separate sur charts for each of the three parts i.e. main body, piece and misra.

So start practicing! And do let us know how you are progressing!

Note: We specially thank an anonymous editor who volunteered to painstakingly correct the paragraph above. What you see right now is a result of many painful iterations, that resulted in high blood pressure for our editor. We thank our editor for this support and hope for more of the same in the future. I hope our editor is satisfied with this effort.

Full Song

So here is a list of all the surs that will be used today followed by the full song from Yaar Gul Ustaad.

now the song

2- Main Body (Sir Nama)

First the chart of surs to be used for this part only

As you can see now, this part is mostly concentrated on the upper two strings i.e. Kattay (top most) and Bum (the middle one), the thinnest and the lowest is called Zeer.

So here it goes,

Ma ta pa Speena Khula Khandal Makawa                   Murr Ba Ma Kay

Sa T Ga MaMaMa  Pa Dha Pa MaMa                    PaPa Ma Ga

Zma Janaana Murr Ba May Kay

Ga Pa Dha Ne       Dha Pa MaMaMa

Now here is the video

3- Piece

Its a pretty simple one, mostly concentrating on Bum and Zeer

here is the chart

Now the surs,

Sa(.)Sa(.) NeNe DhaDha  DhaDha Ne Sa(.)           Dha Ne Dha Pa Ma MaMaMa

and now the video


The chart for just the beginning of the misra is below, the second part is sung the same as the main body.

Now the lyrics

Rasha Pa Stargo                                                              Aao Kay May Khoob Sha

Ma Dha Ma   Sa(.)Sa(.)  NeNe                              DhaNeDha PaPa MaMa

Da Showgeero da Biltana Wahaly thee na              Murr Ba May kay

Sa T Ga MaMaMa  Pa Dha Pa MaMa                PaPa Ma Ga

Zma Janaana Murr Ba May Kay

Ga Pa Dha Ne       Dha Pa MaMaMa

and here is the video.


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Lesson 4: Zma Khkulay Janana


The song for today is the classic folk Zma Khkula Janana, the version that I heard while growing up was the one by Sardar Ali Takkar, but a little bit of search on youtube revealed this one by Rahim Ghamzada which I think predates the version by Takkar. But both are great to listen to, anyway here is Yaar Gul Ustaad playing the full song.

and now the chart for the parday to be used in today’s lesson.

Sir Nama (Main Body):

Zma Khkulay Janana                                Za Zaaar Sham La Ta Na

Sa(.)  Sa(.)Sa(.) Ne Dha Sa(.)Sa(.)          Sa(.) NeNe DhaPa NeNe

Maa Ma Shara da Zaana                           Qurbaan they Shama

Ne DhaPaMaGaPaPa                                  Ma Ne Dha Pa Ma

Asssalaaaaaaaaaam                                   Asssalaaaaaaaaaam

Dha Ne Sa(.) (7times) Ne                         Dha Ne Sa(.) (7times) Ne

here is the video

2- Piece

No vocals

DhaNeSa(.)  Sa(.)W Sa(.)W Sa(.)Ne DhaPaMa MaPaDhaPaNe DhaPaMa

Now the video


Shaida Chey Za Pa Ta Shwama                                       Da Khpal Prado Juda

GaGa GaT GaT GaT GaT GaT GaT GaT                          Ma ReGaReSaSa

Ruswa Na Wom Ruswa Shwama                                    Da Khalko Da Khanda Shwama

GaGaGa TT Sa SaSaSa                                                         TTT SaSaSaSa

Garzaygum Pa Wayraana                                                 Za Zaar Shwama La Tana  

Sa(.)  Sa(.)Sa(.) Ne Dha Sa(.)Sa(.)                                    Sa(.) NeNe DhaPa NeNe

Maa Ma Shara da Zaana                                                      Qurbaan they Shama

Ne DhaPaMaGaPaPa                                                             Ma Ne Dha Pa Ma

Asssalaaaaaaaaaam                                                              Asssalaaaaaaaaaam

Dha Ne Sa(.)Sa(.)Sa(.)Sa(.)Sa(.)Sa(.)Sa(.)Ne                Dha Ne Sa(.)Sa(.)Sa(.)Sa(.)Sa(.)Sa(.)Sa(.)Ne

and the video