I began learning the Rabab back in 2003, under the tutelage of Ustaad Homayoun Sakhi, but then a lack of practice and moving out of Peshawar made me lose touch with my rabab. While I understood the basics of sargam and could play a tune if written in those, the problem that I faced was that I could not get my hand on Pashto songs broken into sargam. The solution as always was to get accepted by an Ustaad, and then take it from there. Living in Islamabad, finding an Ustaad was a challenge in itself. Luckily, I found Yar Gul Ustaad, who plays at the Islamabad zoo on the weekends. I have decided to tape my lessons, break them into sargam and make them available online.

The plan is to break down songs into its different parts, for each part we will share a slowed down version of the strumming along with the breakup of the part in terms of sargam. I must warn you that we both are not that well versed in the identification of surs, so any corrections would be highly appreciated.

Feel free to send in breakdowns of songs in a similar format, and we will share them on the site.